Project Description

Work & Rest Timer – is an application with which you will increase productivity, improve your health through proper organization of working hours. Working without interruptions is harmful and inefficient.

Frequent short breaks during work are the key to high productivity and preventive health. With prolonged concentrated work, the brain is overloaded, thoughts are dissipated and this negatively affects labor productivity. Fixed sitting behind the workplace leads to a violation of blood circulation, joint and muscle pain, and to poor eyesight. That’s why it’s very important to take breaks during work.

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Work smart

Frequent short rest – that’s the key to the high effectiveness. Working without rest is ineffective.

  • Adjustable duration of periods – work / rest

  • Advertising is absent

  • Different color schemes

  • Backups


Don’t forget about making rest. Set the duration of work & rest periods and notifications will help you to make rest in time.

  • Notifications when changing periods

  • Setting the melody for notification, silent mode

  • Tips, how to usefully take a rest


Watch your results and compare in dynamics.

  • Time schedule

  • Index of your rest

  • The rate of making a pause


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You have wishes or ideas for improving the application, you want to help with translating into other languages, or have encountered some problem, then do not hesitate to write to me.