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Quick start


The timer screen contains controls and information about remaining time to start next stage (work or rest).

– start work activity

– pause current activity

– stop

– start rest activity


The statistics screen contains charts of various indicators that are calculated on the basis of your activity in the application, statistics can be viewed by day / week / month. If there is not enough data for analysis, then demonstration statistics are shown for clarity.

  • Time schedule – shows total elapsed time for work / rest
  • Index of your rest – shows the percentage of the fulfillment of the plan for rest. The plan is calculated on the basis of the duration of the work / rest periods and their number.
  • The rate of making a rest – shows how often you accept the offer to rest

The settings include the following configurations:

  • Duration of work / rest periods
  • Notifications
  • Backups
  • Themes

Also the ability to support the developer and information about the application


MIUI. Push notifications not working2018-03-19T06:07:14+00:00
MIUI Security app settings
  1. Open security MIUI app
  2. Click Manage apps and find Work&Rest app
  3. Turn on Autostart
  4. Go to Notifications. Ensure Show notifications, Priority, Floating notifications, Lock screen notifications, App icon badge and  are enabled.
  5. Go to Battery saver and shoose No restrictions.
Enable background running
  1. Start the app first
  2. Then go to home so that the app is now on background.
  3. Now open the background apps drawer
  4. PULL DOWN the app to continue running in the background.
  5. You will now get lock icons on Work&Rest app